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Utility Proposes Energy Future

By Axel Gerdau for PowerSmack.org SEP 8, 2009. More Wind and Solar Part of Austin Energy’s Plan, But Coal and More Gas Too Austin’s energy future will be greener, but at least until 2020 it should also include electricity from coal, widely regarded as the world’s dirtiest fuel. That’s what...
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Austin is Running on Coal far into the Future

By Axel Gerdau for PowerSmack.org For 30 years Austin has been running on the world’s dirtiest fuel – and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Administrators at Austin Energy want to continue our dependence on coal power. If City Council and Mayor Lee Leffingwell accept the utility’s “Recommendation for the...
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Los Angeles Gets Out of Coal

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced a dramatic shift in Los Angeles' energy policy: The city will phase out all its coal-based electricity by 2020 and replace it with power from cleaner and renewable sources of energy. Currently, 40 Percent of the electricity delivered by Los Angeles' Department of Water and Power...
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